(x) Radiohead's Hail to the Thief - Mrs Eaves {Chesh}

for the love of god, what is the font used in the liner notes/cd/posters for this new CD? it looks so much like a cut of Baskerville to me, but i can’t match it..

also, i can’t find a picture of it and can’t scan anything right now, but the liner notes for this CD contains one of the most beautiful double daggers i have ever encountered.. [it is ..er.. twisted? in the middle.. it looks like a combination of… the Option-6 symbol [?] and a double dagger] if anyone could tell me what font it is, that would be awesome.. i’ll post a picture of it when i get a chance, but for now:


thanks in advance :-)


Mrs. Eaves, I think.

you rock, that is it..

however, the double dagger used in the liner notes isn’t part of the family? gah.

Can you show the double dagger?

I think I found it, based on your description:


If this is it, it’s in Mrs. Eaves Fractions. And it’s stunning.

I’m suprised to see Mrs. Eaves on a Radiohead album. Their
previous releases combined Yorke’s art with unexpected
typography. They took chances and tried something new.
Mrs. Eaves is more of an easy bet — pretty, but overused.

The painting is wonderful, though.


i’ve just been killing myself looking for a picture of that diesis.. i guess i didn’t check all the sets well enough? sorry..

and i’ve always been completely drawn to the artwork on the radiohead albums..

thank you so much.. you just made my night

Radiohead actually credits Emigre in the liner notes, if you read ‘em closely. I _love_ the city grid/words painting as well, but Mrs Eaves seems like such a trite choice for this album because it’s so ubiquitous.

Then again, it’s still lightyears ahead of the typography on some of their early albums like The Bends (their best, IMO).


IMO too. They still knew how to rock back then. :-)