Evolução Gastronómica wide tech geometric display sans

Any ideas for this type?



I think the server is having trouble with the portuguese characters in your file name. Please try to attach again by using the "Insert image" link.

Stephen. The image is CMYK. That’s why.

I think the reason is that there are portuguese characters in the file name and the attached image is CMYK. Both.

I fixed the image.

I finished to wake up in this side of the world and ... ups!… sorry for the mistake… Thanks Akira for the work…
Somebody knows what type is?

Any help will be appreciated... please ... I can't find it!

Don't know it either, but you might like FF QType.

FF QType it's ok ... but a really need the one in that logo :( ... damn!
Thanks anyway stephen...


No luck this time ... that's ok ... I keep looking ... one day I will find it :)

It reminds me a bit of David Lawless Loop, but that's not it...

... but is the closest I have until now ... [in true I like more Loop... infortunally I need the exact match] ...
Thanks Marten :)


Hello guys, I designed this logo. The type is custom :)