(x) Zubilo from ParaType - Comics Cartoon (ComixHeavy) {Angel}

I’m looking for the name of an old chunky typeface.
My investigation leaded me to Zubilo Black from ParaType (sample here: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/paratype/zubilo-black/), which is the same exactly font I’m looking for.
The reason for I’m posting here is that I’m quite sure an older font than the one digitalized by ParaType exists, but I can’t find its name (maybe it has never been digitalized before).
Anyone has a clue?
Thank you all,


Is it possible that the font you remember was just similar to Zubilo? The bouncy, irregular, blocky shape style is not really a new thing, if you go back to Artistik, and Harquil (which has been digitized as "Harlequin", and is shown in Solotype and Petzendorfer books, and very similar to Gaiety Girl), which are both Art Nouveau era (over 110 years old). There are others, including Softie, that MyFonts Uses all over its site.

- Mike Yanega

Boink, perhaps?

The caps from Zubilo originate from Pat Snyder's Comics Cartoon. Available as Comics or ComixHeavy all over the place.

Angel, I looked at one of those ComixHeavy versions and noticed that the E, A and O were not the same as Zubilo. I didn't look at all the characters, but the two fonts only seem to be very similar. I suspect one is a 'tweak' of the other perhaps.

- Mike Yanega

You may be looking at a different version Mike. The caps only from ComixHeavy here do match the caps in Zubilo. Pat Snyder's website has a showing of Comics Cartoon II too. The lowercase from Zubilo may be original, don't really know about that.

Yeah, you're right. I think the sample I saw was using the lower case versions of those letters, which are alternate caps. I didn't download the font, which would have told the story.

- Mike Yanega

ComixHeavy is the answer.
Question solved!
Thank you.

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