Font ID: Cursive/Handwriting Font

Thanks in advance for any help on this. I'm stuck with the logo (although I like it) for a charity fundraising event for our local homeless shelter and I'd like to stick with the same font for some additional text on the invitations, flyers, etc.


Looks like the work of Jill Bell (see Swank) but I haven't seen this one.

My first imulse was to say 'hand-drawn', but on closer inspection it could certainly be an OpenType font with alternate endings. I agree this style is like Jill Bell's work, but Ronna Penner (Typadelic) also has this feel at times in her fonts. In fact, it somewhat resembles her Black Jack, which is a free font.

- Mike Yanega

Thank you so much. I agree it looks a lot like Black Jack. I also found a font with similar characteristics called Liorah that looks like it might work if I squish it a bit. Thanks to all!