Extending Adobe Caslon

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Extending Adobe Caslon

I'm writing and designing a book set in Adobe Caslon. I've had to add characters and diacritics (mostly diacritics, double acutes, etc.) to make it a very extended Latin set.

I'm looking for assistance to refine what I have done in Fontlab. All the characters are there in one weight (all I need), but the set needs a skilled hand to complete the job. A few of my characters are a bit, uh... wonkified.

The book will be published by Oak Knoll and it's currently being edited.

I can run it by the publisher, but I'll probably end up having to pay for the work out of my own pocket. So, funds might be an issue and I have no idea what something like this should cost. Regardless, full credit will be given to the designer.

I'm keeping the topic of the book a secret for now as its publishing date isn't known yet.

If anyone is interested or if anyone can recommend someone, please post here and we can continue correspondence off of the forum.

Thanks in advance!

- Theo