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sorting ligatures

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Joined: 25 Jan 2007 - 10:05am
sorting ligatures

I'm probably answering my own question but:

if i have ligatures for 'a_m' and 'c_a' and i write the word 'came' how it does it work exactly.

if my coding goes

sub am by a_m;
sub ca by c_a;

then i'm assuming it would use the a_m ligature.

I'm creating a ligature rich font and was wondering if people know of any problems with having a lot ligatures.

k.l.'s picture
Joined: 6 Aug 2005 - 8:41am

You answered your question.  :)  Indeed you need to plan carefully which ligatures shall have priority.
Don't forget the space between 'a' and 'm', or 'c' and 'a' -- 'am' would be considered as one glyph named 'am'.

Christopher Slye's picture
Joined: 5 Oct 2006 - 11:03am

One very common mistake is to mix up the priority of overlapping ligatures, e.g.

sub f f i by f_f_i;
sub f f by f_f;
sub f i by f_i;

If that ffi ligature is not first, it will get preceded by the others and never appear.

Also, beware of the output of other alternate features (e.g. 'salt') affecting the input of ligatures. You might want an alternate f to be included in your ligature substitution -- or you might not. If you have contextual substitutions ('calt', 'clig'), then you'll have to worry about other alternates and ligatures affecting the context in those features, too.