Trajan Sucks

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No offense to Mrs. Twombly but this is quite atrocious. While I do think that Trajan is a well crafted typeface, It is completely wrong for KU basketball jerseys or any sports jersey for that matter. As a KU alumni, it’s just sad to see this happen.

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A good typeface for the wrong job. Just one step short of Comic Sans with those jerseys.

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Ouch, that arc isn't kind to the spacing on the 'KA' pair.


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Interesting. Of course that need not have happened if Trajan had proper contextual altrenates. But on an arc... the design firm should have hired a lettering artist. Or a stone carver. I feel certain that Douglas Coffin for instance would have run the serifs of the K into the serifs of the A.

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"Changing the font on the b-ball jerseys is facist."


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Well, at least if people start using Trajan on crappy jerseys movie poster designers might be convinced to stop using it.

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I thought there was a law that said Trajan had to be used on movie posters. :)

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Don there is just such a law, but unfortunately it only is enforced in California.

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I'm on my second book in a row with Trajan on the cover. Both American, perhaps printed in California?

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Everyone knows it's the USC Trajan's! ;-)

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That is the condom merchant you are thinking of :-)


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Looks like the press is turning against 'graphic designers' over this campaign...

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Funny to find this thread, desperately seeking font-pairing advice for Trajan, for a KU academic poster. Sticking with a cohesive feeling with the new logo, I'm using Trajan for the title and subtitles now I just need to figure out what font to use for the copy.
Any advice is welcome.

My $.02 is that the entire logo redesign, while not a complete design failure, is a perfect example of how bureaucracy can muddle up anything. Spend too much on an unnecessary redesign that you can't afford to change all of the media. It was probably someone at KU who just saw Troy, and said "Wow! I want our logo to look that cool!" and just kept insisting on it.

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I'm going to go with Goudy Oldstyle for now I guess.

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Geeze, I hate to break up a meeting of condomnation...
" I just need to figure out what font to use for the copy. Any advice is welcome."
Trajan heads with the old Kansas font'd be nice.;) But you can use any Garamond, Dutch, Caslon or old style, depending on budget, content, audience and the actual type specification, Trajan should also be an easy match for some sans, like Gil perhaps.

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Dave Farey did a lower case, La Gioconda.

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Check out Schneidler or Weiss
Both work very well with Titling fonts...

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Jackie, I was noticing just the other day how Weiss might work in companion with Trajan if someone is wanting a similar feel.

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