Font like Myriad but with small caps - various {gang}


I’m urgently looking for a font to replace Myriad in a document that suddenly needs small caps.



Chianti isn’t a Myriad twin, but it’s a humanistic sans with
a large, versatile family, including small caps.

Also consider one of the exquisite LucasFonts sans families.

Try Vialog by Werner Schneider, by Linotype, 2003.
SC, OsF are available, tru italic too.

Very nice design, in similar style of Frutiger/Myriad but a bit narrow.

Note, that Myriad Pro feature SC on the OpenType version, if I’m correct? indeed to be used with Indesign only.

Try also Parisine Caps, hum

Myriad Pro has everything — but, alas, no Small Caps. You can, however, faks very convincing caps by reducing the font size a bit, so that the versal is just about x-height chgange the letter width marginally to 105 or 110 % and by then changing to the next weight. Myriad has enough weights to pull that stunt somewhat convincingly. :-D.


Thanks a lot for the help, it’s been a pretty nasty day. I’ve had to go down the playing with weight and font size route as the project was already part way through layout and it would have been too disruptive to specify another face.

You’d think Myriad would be a pretty safe choice; unfortunately when I was designing the thing nobody told me it would need small caps.

>Also consider one of the exquisite LucasFonts sans families.

Yeah, it’s a shame I couldn’t use the situation to justify purchasing (pursuade the purse-holder to purchase) TheSans family!

>Try also Parisine Caps

I love your Parisine family, this is definitely on the wishlist. Or rather actionlist when they finally make me creative director (!)