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Can Anyone Recommend a Calligraphy Kit Text?

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Joined: 17 Aug 2007 - 1:39pm
Can Anyone Recommend a Calligraphy Kit Text?

I'm interested in a combo that includes a basic set of pens or whatever, and a text that will take me from beginners' exercises to working on some serious letterforms before sending me out on my own. I've decided I want to get that sense of how the strokes go from thin to thick and vice versa.

Oh, something I've been meaning to ask about ... I'm a lefty. Do I have to jump thru hoops figuring out the reverse of instructions from one of these books? Or is it just the same moves with the other hand?

Tim Daly's picture
Joined: 11 Sep 2003 - 9:04am

Pilot Parallel are good starter pens (in fact pretty good full stop) since the nibs are created with two parallel plates, rather than a more recognisable nib, I would imagine they would suit a lefty as much as a righty.

It seems Rotring have dropped their lefthanded range, but there maybe something on ebay or in a dusty stockroom somewhere, the righthanded versions are lovely to use but a little sterile in the quality of their line, depends what you want from your calligraphy.

Or there are specialist lefthanded sites – I don’t know about the quality of instruction and pens but they are written with the lefthanded in mind.



By the way has anyone used a Yoropen? They look like fun, I am sure I saw a similar product designed for a competition by Seymour Powell.