Dollar Bill Font - LTR Federal

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Hi everyone - I found the perfect typeface for my design project "LTR Federal" - but unfortunately I don't have the $300 - does anyone maybe know of a cheaper typeface that is similar to this and of a reasonably high quality?

I found this one that is free but its not great quality and the proportions are out a fair bit.



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Hi Jamie,
yes, the whole LTR Federal pack is $300, but if you're looking for a single weight with shading, any of the Six, Nine, Twelve or Eighteen Line packs ships for $95. The Cameo -- Reserve Note version is only $45.


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Elephant by Matthew Carter is not too far off, and I think it's now free.

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I don't mean to nit-pick, but I believe Elephant was renamed "Big Figgins" several years ago. There's something about this on the site for the "Designing Modern Britain" show that was up at the Design Museum in London a few years ago, which included a nice selection of Matthew Carter's work:

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Have you checked out Letterhead's Bank Note?

It's only $35 US.

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Thanks guys -Bank note looks particularly good

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dcastillo> Where did you hear that Elephant was free?

I own Big Figgins- Its awesome and better than all the options shown here for what I like to design !!!!

Mikey :-)

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Here's another good one:

Legal Tender:

And it's FREE.

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Any typefaces tagged "Engravers" will give you nice results.

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