(x) Taschen's "Book of Plants" hand drawn serif face - various alternatives {Stephen, Marten F}

I just bought Taschen's "Book of Plants" that is full of old botanical illustration plates. I am in love with the style of writing used to identify the plants. Does anyone know if there is an existing typeface that is based off of this, or looks similar to it? There are a few different styles, however the one I am interested in looks like this photo. (please excuse the quick tracing job).



Beautifully hand drawn. Here are some serif fonts that emulate hand lettering.

It look's handlettered. There are a bunch of fonts out there that's similar in style. Have a look at Stephen Coles list of Serifs by Hand for some of the best...

You're to fast for me, Stephen!

Not the same, but a font you might like is Sirenne:


Thank you so much!