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My first venture into the lion's den...

Please tell me what you think and feel free to give any other pointers that may help.


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It looks well produced, but I would probably try to incorporate something that sets it aside from other humanist sans serifs, like Frutiger for example.
I hope that's not too harsh. :)

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I'm afraid I have to echo Quincunx's comments. What's your goal with this design?

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Well done. I would agree that it could use some uniqueness, but the letters look very well drawn, and the weight range is impressive. I'm not a type designer, but I think if you can infuse this with a bit more individuality, you'll have a very nice workhorse typeface. I would keep working on this. I would use it.

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I like it too. It looks clean and fresh and somehow reminds me of Stone Sans in the e and the a, and even slightly of Futura in the bolder weights. Are you going to make an italic? Perhaps that could add some unique character?

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