Recent list of FontLab Options() class?

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Is there a recent version of all the attributes of the FontLab Options() class somewhere? The Unofficial FontLab/Python API Reference is still based on FL 4.x, and the attributes are not listed in the docstring too unfortunately.

I'm especially interested in controlling the 'Export old-style non-OpenType "kern" table' option.



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It's "TTEWriteKernTable".

As regards a list of available options: Just go to the Options/Preferences Panel and save the options. The .reg text file covers all available options -- they are the same for scripting.

To find out which is which (sometimes, names are a bit cryptic) do this:
-- in the Options/Preferences Panel, save the current set of options
-- switch on/off the option that you are looking for
-- save this new set of options by different name
-- open both text files e.g. in BBEdit and use "compare front documents"
This will show you which entry was altered.
In a next step, set the desired option to the desired state, again save options, and check the .ref file for the value of this option. Or "print" the value of this option by script.

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That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.


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