What is the significance of the "rolling block" in Typophile's 'T' wordmark?

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Is it supposed to form the number ‘7’ or any other symbol? Everyone has seen it everytime he/she visits, so I’m mighty curious of the real reason for rolling the block.

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Could it be a Question Mark?
It seems every post ends in one.

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i always thought it formed a "T" and then rolls to a "P," but i may be wrong.

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It's a reference to Typophile's 7th anniversary.

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too bad. i was hoping it'd be something more enigmatic than that.

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Now that you both (kegler and ChuckGroth) mention it, it does make sense as a question mark or ‘P,’ but oh well, ‘7’ it is :)

Thanks, Marc!

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It is a 7, to commemorate Typophile's 7th anniversary. This logo rolled out on 07-07-07.

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