[Obra] Evolution of serif

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:: Please critique this typeface in construction.
Is my first attempt to a serif (semiserif really) face.



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Hi RodrigoRamírez

imo this is a great Serif Font!

okay here my critic:

the lc 'b' is (maybe only on the gif) not really on the baseline
the stem of the lc 'f' seems to be a little bolder then other stems maybe also lc 'l'

at the right stem of the lc 'n' and middle stem of the 'm' whats that a the bottom? I see it is a flavor mmh.. but i dont like it much

The lc 'z' looks 'left-italic' (maybe it is the gif)

Greetings Jens

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Hi Tuco!

I like this one, maybe if you post a swf, we can apreciate better the spitit of the serifs (zoom in) and a text example for reading,

Its your fist attept on a pixel font too ;) ???

Miguel H.

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Ok, the reponses are slow here!, maybe this font is boring... or transparent. I am continuing my work on it!!

Please opinions...

obra_2.swf (35 k)

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CAUTION: Please press ctrl+click to stop the animation!!

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Beauty specimen. The lowercase g is better but i think that it needs some " sincel" feeling, understand?



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Hey, a lot of corrections... and new weights! Look at pdf.
Please, in this moment I *need* your opinions.
where are you, Hrant?? (je,je!)

I am working on a deliberately serifed version too.

Miguel, la g anterior la verdad es que era malita, creo que ésta anda bastante mejor.

obra3.pdf (118 k)


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uhh, uhh, uhh

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(This is crazy. What am I, a critique machine?! I should open up shop with Stephen where he IDs the font and then I say what's wrong with it... I'm smelling the white-night Sami barbeques already. ;-)

Rodrigo, gimme a day or so.


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notable tipografia, esa "g" esta esta muy linda, lo unico que pude detectar con mis ojos aun primerisos es que la "M" (de caja alta) la noto levemente más gruesa que el resto de los caracteres.


PD.la casa sigue disponible para el asado

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No me cierra la "M".
No alcanzo a darme cuenta porque...
Quiza esta un poco "abierta"?
No me convencen demasiado los trazos oblicuos.

Por otro lado... la fuente esta de puta madre.


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First, I would say this is essentially a sans face. Those occasional flare serifs remind of Profile. I would emphasize them, because it will pull the design away from the overcrowded pool of humanist sans fonts that we're drowning in.

It looks like a pretty functional design. The only lc glyph that's strange is the "g": I'd make the head not so tall, and make the tail open. But many of the curves are "wobbly", like in the lc "s" - this is your biggest quality issue, to me. And I see that you have some trapping (like in the lc "w"), which is fine, but leave that until after you've finished the base forms.

The caps are pretty interesting. Put flares on the "C" and the "T", make the head of the "P" larger, and the tail of the "Q" thinner but longer. It would be nice to see some all-caps text.

I've heard that the Florin has to always slant, and I think the Pilcrow needs a dark patch: it has to stand out. Your accents are smaller than usual, but to be honest I'm not sure that's bad (and it depends on the language)...


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