(x) Rehab serif face - Richmond Old Style {Mike Y}

Can someone ID this serif font? I already tried whatthefont


I think this is Richmond Old Style. Looking for a link.

- Mike Yanega

The typeface seems to be pre-digital, as it shows up in the 'Homage to the Alphabet' book from Phil's Photo from 1985. This looks like the Heavy weight. Treacyfaces Wembley is based on this, but he has only the light weight of it.

- Mike Yanega

I wonder if this is a typeface that Brendel has digitized under some other name? Mike F. or Angel would probably know.

- Mike Yanega

Nice ID, Mike. Unfortunately, the only digital version of Richmond I'm aware of is Joe Treacy's Wembley Light, which is his version of Richmond Light - and the only weight he seems to have digitized.

If you can wait until November, I should be releasing Normal, Normal Italic and Bold versions of Richmond (although they will probably be named Rowan Oak) then.

Good to hear, Nick. Are you going to tuck those alternate characters in there somewhere - especially those swashy ones in the italic?

pre-digital. You don't see that as much anymore, especially in this age. Thank you for the ID

Swashy enough for you, Mike?

Thanks much for the nifty preview, Nick!

BTW, that 'F' is actually a 'J' per Homage to the Alphabet. Oh, and don't forget the alt 'k' (I know ... there are only so many slots you can get away with plugging alts into).

looks like the final link never got posted, Nick's lovely font here!