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OpenType features/lookups

Is that the right order?

1. aalt
2. locl
3. frac
4. c2sc
5. smcp
6. fina
7. onum
8. case
9. lnum
10. pnum
11. tnum
12. sups
13. sinf
14. numr
15. dnom
16. sso1
17. salt
18. liga
19. hist
20. dlig
21. calt
22. ordn
24. zero

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There is no "right order," but of course there are better orders than others...

I would advise putting 'sups', 'numr' and the like ahead of 'onum'. The way you have it there, you (probably) would have to make both default and oldstyle numbers as input to 'numr' etc. which is just cluttering up your code. For similar reasons, you might want to have 'ordn' before 'smcp'.

You probably want 'numr' and 'dnom' ahead of 'frac'. (If you have arbitrary fractions in 'frac' you can use a lookup from 'numr'.)

I think you'd want 'hist' before 'liga' (depending on what's actually in there).