Hey everyone,

While I was studying over in Salamanca, Spain I noticed a very neat font used on all of their publications. I searched for it on the internet and still have not found it. I am designing a website for a web design class and would love to incorporate it in my layout. Any information on the name and where I could obtain it would be much appreciated.



I don't have an exact match (this probably started as a conventional serif and then was heavily customized), but these might interest you:

Patzcuaro, from Storm Type

Merlin, from Shinntype

I don't know about your sample, but since you were in Salamanca you probably had the chance of seeing the awesome Universitas Studii Salamantini designed by Typerware (Andreu Balius and Joan Carles Casasin) specially for the Universidad de Salamanca.
There is a very interesting article (sorry, just spanish) about the whole thing in Andreu Balius site, don't miss the last link at the bottom of the page for more information.
I don't believe it is available for purchase though.

Another member of this club: Retablo, from Psyops

Thanks Ignacio and marcox. While I was over there I did see the Salamantini type, but I thought it was just a ancient font from the Universidad. Glad I now know where it really comes from! As for my website I decided to go with Patzcuaro. Thanks again for all your help.