Help please - "Kanda Tso" rounded geometric sans


thanks in advance


Similar but not quite Frankfurter Medium.

not VAG Rounded either…

Looks a bit like an old Letraset dry-transfer face called Cut In (at least I think that’s what I remember it as) — I’ll have to check out my old catalog for it. Mark Simonson would be able to verify this one.

Good hunch Grant, but that’s not it. Cut In is more mannered in a ’70s art deco kind of way, but the stroke treatment is the same.

This does look awfully familiar…

Of course you’re correct Mark. Once I had my Letraset book in front of me, I was obviously wrong. I agree with you that it is very familiar — many it’s because it’s such a simple monoline face…

It looks like a sort of template lettering I have a vague recollection of. Like the kind they use for those router lettering systems for making nameplates and door signs.

I bet someone created this themselves in Illustrator.

I think it looks exactly like the kind of lettering that you got with a Leroy Lettering set. It uses an alphabet template and a pantograph-style pen that draws on the paper. Here’s an article about it. I used one once in drafting class — pretty tedious compared to a Mac, but that was about 40 years ago.