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Au Bauer Text Initials - where to find

This may not belong on the type i.d. board, but here goes...

I have a cut of Au Bauer Text Initials that I purchased waaaay back int the 80's from Phil's Fonts; it's not a particularly good cut, with stray points and path directional issues, along with kerning/spacing concerns.

Does anyone here know of a newer version of this? I'm sure other fonts exist with other names, any would do, but I'm thinking it's time to retire the old girl and replace her with a good, clean opentype face. Any suggestions?


I have an old version called OptiBauer which implies that it's from (ugh) Castcraft.

Phil's Fonts still lists it too, but that's probably what you bought.

You might check out Shango: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/castletype/shango/

or Cresci: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/letterperfect/cresci/

both are available as Open TYpe.

Thanks... i knew some others had to exist.

Schneidler initials are nearly the same as Shango I think. They weren't for sale for awhile but it looks like they are now.

See this OLD thread (remember "don'tlooklikecrap"?)