Shoe Carnival geometric signage


Any chance of getting a larger image?

yeah i'm going to try again... sorry first timer!

No need to apologize. From this size I'll get it is ... hmm can't remember the name suddenly. But it is from the same era as Baby Teeth by Milton Glaser.

it's a shoe carnival sign... the 'O" is a perfect circle.... if that helps... maybe bodoni? i can't remember which one has that

Omg, Nonpareille! :°)
Here’s a bigger sample.

P.S.: Huh, why can’t I insert images anymore?

Futura Extra Bold is close. Maybe custom.

Yup. The New logo looks like Futura and Futura2 (with some obvious manipulations). But the one in the photo is hard to see, although I'd guess Futura Bold with added color. Need a larger image, though to be sure.