(x) New York magazine geometric constructed display type - custom type by Omnivore {Ricardo Cordoba}

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Hi. Can anyone ID the main font used in these spreads. or anything similar to it.

thanks guys.

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Don't know, don't have much time. But if you like that black style I'd recommend a look at identifonts search with the key »Font similar to Black Boton Bold« or the excellent Fontfeed-Feature from Stephen Coles »Extra Bold to Ultra Black Fonts«, especially the category »The Blackest« (Scroll down).

BTW, without the redirect-thingamajig it is verryvery easy for us users outside the USA to visit the fontshop.com-fontfeed. Wasn't always as comfortable. Thanks.

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That's custom type created by Omnivore. They are credited in that issue.

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thanks. I don't own the mag just seen photos of it.I really like that v it looks like a flower.

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You're welcome! Do check out those links Renko posted for similar work.

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You might also like Stadia, Sinclair, and P22 Albers.

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