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Hi, this is the first thing Im working on...and Im sure you all have sugetiosn and opions, I have no school on this dark art and i basicly let my self go. I really want to learn but i have no guidance.

Thank you all!


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Hmmm, no response yet. My 2 cents:

I think the biggest issue I have with this typeface is the overuse of your embellishment. It seems forced and unnecessary in most places, especially the lowercase. I'd try removing it from all but a few lc letters and consider reworking some of the uppercase for a more consistent placement.

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The word "Colette" looks great in this face. I've heard before thats what was said about
Avant Garde at one point. stay in there!
Chase Langdon

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I think this is a beautiful display face in the right setting - I'm sure there's a great logotype waiting to happen in here!

I would really like to see how it works with some other short pieces of copy - this face is obviously more suited to a couple of words at a time, rather than the block of text above...

Great work, love it!

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Thanks for your comments.... they keep me on working!!! i've all ready made a logo with it... check my website at the "personal" section... first image is the logo...

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Yeah it would be really nice to have a plain version too. So you could mix and match the embellishments for longer pieces of copy.

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