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hello :)
trying to digitaze my handwriting, i see that my cyrillic letters are wrong. i am afraid that latin part is on wrong way too.
here is sample

sorry for my english :)

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Wrong? It's *beautiful*! So there must be something very right about it...

Could you put up a large character set?

The Cyrillic: I'm not qualified to say much, but I wonder, is this the "cursive" hand that's no longer in fashion? It reminds me a little bit of Pertsov Skoropis (which won at the Kyrillitsa '99 awards).


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Beautiful, indeed! It's really quite lovely, and
for some reason, PsyOps comes to mind if you're
considering distribution. RXC doesn't just run a
foundry, I hear he acts as a mentor for designers
with potential to produce some premium final
products. Give it some thought.

I like the raised period for added handwritten
feel, but maybe it's just a tad too high.

Hrant is right, we need to see a full character
set and maybe a bit larger to make up for the
low-res of the Web.

Great work, Andrij. There is a real shortage of
modern handwritten scripts that really look like
they were made by hand and not a computer.
Keep working toward that end and you'll have
something unique.

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thank you, Hrant and Stephen, for your opinion.
here is latin charset:

i see that my love for curved ends of stems make for my bad effect especially in cyrillic. i have in mind to re-build lot of characters.

Stephen, thank for idea about PsyOps, very interesting link. but i think they haven't big interest for non-latin fonts.

Hrant, about Pertsov Skoropis. Pertsov i think makes a modern look on old-styles (before 1700)official cyrillic writing.

i want make new script over traditional ukrainian handwriting, especially of Kozak age (1600-1800)
i hope i can do this :)

thank you and sorry for my english again :)

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Nice. Your lc "q" is killer, and that "s" is great too. But what happened to that *amazing* lc "y"?!

> PsyOps ... haven't big interest for non-latin fonts.

Maybe that's why they need *you*?
Just talk to Rodrigo and see what happens.


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Hrant --

There was no killer lc y in the original sample. That's a classic Latin text; no 'y' in Latin. (Andrij has used an excerpt from Cicero's de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum -- the original text from which the familiar 'lorem ipsum ...' is a corruption.)

Take another look: Are you referring to the 'qu' combination? Hmmm.

-- K.

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I think the new 'y' is better. Maybe a case for alternates.

Is the spacing set to connect the glyphs by default?

Have you tested letter combinations and kerns yet?

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> Are you referring to the 'qu' combination?

Of course! I guess that's what you get for obsessing about type: you don't realize that "oyia" can't be a word...

So chalk it down to a happy coincidental observation: please make the tail of the "y" more flamboyant!


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beautiful! makes my mouth water!

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thank you a lot, people!
please look to changed 'y' here:

its default spacing. font haven't kerning yet, it need a lot of time i haven't now :(

thank you again :)

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Oh yeah, this is going to be a b*itch to kern, huh...
But it'll be worth it! Very nice.


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A few years back, I got Richard Lipton's Sloop (sold by Font Bureau). Now, looking at Sloop's metrics, I am shocked. It succeeds with an amazing number of kerning pairs: 0.

Andrij, you might want to check it out. And great stylish stuff here.


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just a sample of AndrijHand in use
post card by mine:

happy new year, typophiles! :)

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great font!! is very nice!!
congratulations Andrij!!! :)

pd: whats about the miscellaneous?

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I have just expressed how much I like Andrij Script in a private mail, but I wished to do it in public, too. I like the freshness and raw quality of the first sample in the cyrillic version. I hope you haven't changed it so much, Andrij!
Please post a new textsample!

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hey andrij,
this is simply beautiful! any news on this one? is it up for purchase anywhere?

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Please allow the rest of the world to use this marvellous font.

A few alternative characters such as swash ascenders and descenders would be great.

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Andrij, your font is beautiful.

Incredible. wonderful.

Can you put a pdf for see the details, please?
i think in the jpg i cant see all the details.

thanks and congratulations

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