50% UV Spot Varnish

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Joined: 19 Oct 2007 - 12:32pm
50% UV Spot Varnish

OK. So I helping out a group of university students who are doing their first magazines. One has a cover that will have 50% UV spot varnish. I'm not sure how to set this is in InDesign though. Is there a swatch for a 5th color? When I export the document to .pdf, will it be read separately?

I appreciate any help you guys can give.


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Joined: 26 Oct 2004 - 3:13pm

Yeah, just add any spot color to the ID document where you want the varnish, and make sure when you're exporting the PDF that the spot color is there as a separate plate (it should be by default). Tell the printer that the spot color is where you want the varnish, and be sure to print b&w images of each of the 5 plates (and write on the the spot plate that it's the varnish) so that there's no chance of confusion or miscommunication as the job goes through the hands of several folks at the printer.

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I tend to send it as a seperate file to make sure there's no confusion .. but if you're in close contact with the printer there shouldn't be a problem either way.

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I usually make either a seperate page in the document (if it's a 1 page document, like a cover or something) with the spots where the varnish is supposed to go, and color those black. Or I make a seperate file for it. In both cases I specify clearly that that document or page is the varnish plate.

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Maybe a bit old-fashioned, but if I am designing a UV I do two things. One is to have a separate spot color and name it Spot UV, but I also print the separations out so as to give the press a sample of the plates so they know that I know that they should know that there is indeed a spot UV color.

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Hi Guys,

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