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Poster font ID, help needed


I am trying to figure out the two fonts used in this poster. I thought the first was Glypha, but the A and E are different, as well as other small differences. Also, does anyone have an idea what the 'SHOW 2006' font is? I have been trying to find a font like this for a while, but i don't really know what that style of font is called? Bubble or something? Haha, any help would be greatly appreciated.




I think "Fashion by Fashion People" is set in Boton Medium


Do you have any idea of what typeface "Show 2006" is? Or could you recommend a similar font in that style?

Black Boton Bold is similar but the S is a little more stylized, there's also Baby Teeth by Milton Glaser.

There's also:
Deuce Round

I have some other links Ill dig through. Maybe I can come up woth more suggestions.

Damn, thanks a bunch!!! I appreciate how fast everyone seems to reply back on this forum.

FS Pele is just what i am looking for, but man, it's so expensive for someone in the US.