Brevoort-East script signage info

Hey 'Philers. I could use any information you have on the type used for this building sign. The building was put up around 1965. The Brevoort was also a hotel on that site dating back to the late 1800s, so the typeface could have come from that. I'm hoping to place it in some historical timeframe.


For some reason, the attachment didn't work. So try this link instead.

That's no typeface, just some fantastic hand rendered letters. Here are some fonts that have a similar flavor:

Mousse Script
Milk Script
French 111

Thanks, Stephen. Yes, it is pretty awesome, isn't it?

I should have made it clear in my post: I'm not looking for a replica typeface. I'm more looking for a historical timeframe to place it in so I can pair some other faces with it. My gut is telling me it's from the 30s and some futura might work nicely, but just not sure.