ornate font in PAV logo?

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This is a tube with tomato puree.
Anyone know about which font is used for the PAV logo?


PAV Logo

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Is a license required to use type like that???

Seriously, check out those type books by Dan X. Solo. They're in most any Borders or Barnes and Noble book stores (if you're in the US) in the art/design section.His books are cheap--5 to 10 dollars per--and may have exactly what you need.

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By some strange coincidence I was watching
some of my old Monty Python tapes last night,
and I noticed that that's the font they use
for setting the main title!


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These are never coincidences, Hrant. I used to be
surprised by similar eerie circumstances, but now
I've come to realize we are all connected
kindred spirits in the realm of type addiction.

Or something.

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you are right.
And the funny thing is, that the connection between type addiction and spirit lies in a small tube of tomato puree. damn, this IS Monty Python!
well, thank you all for the tips, i will have a look at the books Joe and Stephen recommended.

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I doubt there is a font to match this hand drawn
lettering, but these kinds of initials are often offered as
clipart. The Dover books are a good source. Search for
"dover initials" at amazon.com, or abebooks.com.

Also, Linotype's Madame isn't so far off. Interestingly,
the forms are so complex, it requires several keystrokes
to create each letter. See ->

Stephen Coles

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Got my solotype book right here... It's listed as "Bracelet" (pg 26)


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Hmmm. I think we should rename it "Monty Python's Coincidental Tomato Puree Roman Display." >;)

David Thometz (of Ulm)

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