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(x) Designing Design book cover - custom designed (based on Univers {Nora Gummert-Hauser (self)}

I realize that my knowledge is not state ofe the art ... Can anyone tell me please the name of the font, used for the title?
Monday evening i visited a lecture of the japanese designer Kenya Hara, and afterwords i bought his book, with the titel: Designing Design. By the way, it is written in english and it's worth to read. It's the first publication of his work in english language. At amazon.com it's much more cheaper than here in Europe.


Looks like a modified Univers:

The S and K look borrowed from Futura perhaps.

Mike Diaz :-)

There are some latin typefaces designed in Japan that most of us don't know. This could be one of those. AXIS is another.

URW++ Grotesk T Extra Narrow isn't an exact match but will give much the same effect.

j a m e s

Coles, I'm glad you mentioned AXIS!!! You get the bonus points of the day!


Mikey :-)

Thanks so far for your answers. I'm going to ask Lars Mueller, the publisher of the book. Perhaps he know ...

You would think a book on design would have a colophon, wouldn't you?

Yes, i looked carefully at. There you could find any sort of fine papers or printers and binders, but nothing about the fonts.

I look forward to finding out too... thank you :-) Mikey

The problem is solved – Lars Müller wrote back that the title has been designed specially as a logo, by Kenya Hara's studio, based on the Univers. There is no font. So, Mike, you've been very close ...

Thank you for the update and the information. Mikey :-)