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I'm looking for a alternative to proforma, something crisp, contemporary and elegant. Any Idea?


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Hi there:

Relato, by Eduardo Manso, borrows some ideas from Proforma but it is better suited towards literary texts and is much warmer.

Mikey :-)

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Dending on your use, Anziano, Delicato or Tarocco migh be useful for your project?

Also my new Ommegaand can be found here:


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Congrats on the new releases at Veer, Stefan! I particularly like Brassierie.

Raphael - can you tell us why Proforma doesn't work for you? That will help in finding alternatives. Here are a couple more:


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I'm working on a book about designer/artist Jacques Bilodeau. This guy in his way has been some sort of pionneer. His early works are also known for beeing really square, he works a lot with folded steel sheets. Obviously, the book will feature many pictures, but also a beautiful text. I want to set the text in a serif that will reflect the pioneering and squarish aspect of bilodeau's work. Proforma would suit this text quiet well because of the way the serifs are managed. Actually, it's not that Proforma doesn't work, but I was wondering if another typeface could do the job. So I have to avoid typefaces that are too curvy, or that are based on old drawings. I saw a wonderful typeface, developed by Nicole Dotin during her MA in Reading, Elena, the problem is that it wilI be released in 2008. I was thinking of Fedra Serif. I should also say that the font will be paired with Akkurat. I really like Relato, I think I'll buy it though I won't use it on this project. The overall feeling of Fedra Serif and Proforma are much more modern to me.

I hope these precisions will help.


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Does Swift meet your requirements, then?

Dotin's wonderful Elena reminds me of Majoor's FF Scala and FF Nexus, and also of Whitman, but Lew's face has more traditional forms.

Enigma is related as well.

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… and TEFF Collis.

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Thank you Stephen, but Swift is a bit to dark. I'm using Akkurat at a really small size besides my text blocks, the contrast between Akkurat and the serif is much better when text is set in Proforma.

I've been thinking of Collis, but at the same size, Proforma is a bit more open. Also, Suite Serif and On Serif from Text Axis would suit my project well, but as far as I know, there not available to the public.

Maybe I'll end up working with Proforma.

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After a deeper look at Collis, it's probably the best alternative.


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I find NuSwift, with oldstyle figures, fantastic, and not too dark in its basic weight.

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