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(x) About A Boy movie poster - House Gothic (original version) {Yves}

been trying to identify the font on this poster — anyone have any pointers? rocks, doesn’t it?

About a boy


It is the original version of House Gothic, the weights used are Light Four and Bold Four. House Industries recently updated the package to House Gothic 23, tweaked the design and reshuffled the weights, so I’m not entirely sure if you still have all the alternate characters (e.g. the lower case “y”). I’ve got a license, so let me have a look at it and I’ll get back to ya.

Looks like House Gothic to me.

Nah, they changed the lowercase “y”. You’ve still got an alternate “y” that looks like that, but the tail extends below the baseline and the join isn’t straight anymore. Maybe you can still get the original package at House Industries if you ask real nice? Worth a try  ;)

P.S. I’m new to this game. Can anyone tell me how I can make these nifty orange links in my messages?

thank you, Yves! that was very helpful, damn i love this forum.

(i think you can create the ornage links by adding http:// in front of a word.)

test: http://www.bbc.co.uk