Contemporary use of Fraktur

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I am currently writing a short dissertation about if / how Blackletter and especially Fraktur gains back importance to current design and typography, and whether or not Fraktur can leave its poor national-socialistic associations behind. Now I am looking for contemporary sources whether Blackletter has been used in advertising, branding, fashion, music or modern typefaces ; basically in anything that has been created in the last 10 years.
Generally I am looking for some more 'mainstream' examples and I remember that for example Nike did some ads using Fraktur a few years ago.
Does anybody know of further examples?


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There was an interesting thread on contemporary Fraktur over on TypoForum.
It's in German - you might be able to pick up some names of typefaces, or try the automatic translation.

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You know this Flickr group?
You will also find some "mainstream" examples there, like Reebok:

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Thanks a lot. These links helped to find some further material.

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