Old type numbers

Does anyone know what’s this font?
It is used in very old receipts and official documents.
Thanks !


Don’t know what this font is, but if you want only numbers with the same feeling, go to Psyops website

Sorry, Zal. I’ll pass on making the font —
I have too many commitments already.

some sort of bodoni bold condensed?

Nice stuff on the Psyops site,no idea what it might be, some sort of bodoni sprung to mind… but it looks different.

Anyway, Ysmurga Carbeleu, heard of a thing called cropping? :)

hi friends!
I have more old numbers to facilitate your identification. Pls, take a look at them.
I’ll appreciate your help…

YC — Like Greg said, PsyOps’ Crash Numbering is
almost exactly what you’re looking for. And it’s free.

Those numbers are not any given typeface. They are from a mechanical auto-incrementing numbering device used on letterpress equipment. The name “Crash Numbering” comes from the process called “crash printing” which involves imprinting a number (or other information) on a multipage form after all the pages of the form are assembled.

Great information George.
That’s it. Do you Know wich font is the most
similar to these numbers?
Many thanks!

I took a look at it, and the Crash Numbering font mentioned by others is
probably the closest thing you’ll find. If it isn’t an exact match then you
would have to make your own.

I tested Crash Numbering font, it has some
diferences. It has a round format and the numbers are a little “bold”, the inner portion of the numbers are curveous and sinuous.
Hey, George! could you or another people here,
help me making this font for me ?
Many thanks