20$ to the person who help med design a logotype!

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Joined: 1 Nov 2007 - 4:08am
20$ to the person who help med design a logotype!

If I am braking the rules, I sincerely apologize. Please remove this topic in that case.

Hi all.

My name is Ted Damion and I'm a member of a local club. During our meetings we talk most of the time about advertising and design. We are going to get a bit bigger (4 persons right now) and I came up with the suggestion to make us a logotype.

The one who started the club is a new member of this community. He tried ones to design the logotype and ask members here for help. But it didn't went very well.

As we're all students in the club we don't have much money, and none of the other members are willing to spend money to get this done. So I smashed my piggy bank and found 20 dollars which I'm using to this task.

I don't have a credit card so I'll give the money to our chairman who will transfer the money via PayPal or something similar.

If you're interested, please post your email address here or email me at: illogical_squirrel@yahoo.se

I will give you all the facts about the club via email, if that's okay.

Thanks a lot.

Ted Damion

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Joined: 5 Oct 2005 - 5:14pm

No, you are not barking the rules if you post a small .jpg of your idea which "didn’t went very well."

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Joined: 30 Mar 2006 - 7:55pm

Perhaps a student visiting the site might be interested, but I suspect that logo design for most of the members here starts at at least 10 times what you are offering.

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Joined: 4 Feb 2003 - 6:03pm

I'd skip the offer of $20 completely.

It's like tipping a waitress a quarter. It's more insulting than just not tipping at all. ;)

Instead, post what you got. Folks in here would be glad to help you with advice/suggestions to guide you in the right direction.