Font Confessional

I've got a confession to make. A few days ago, I used Papyrus. I think it was the first time, and I've felt an inner turmoil ever since.

Please allow me to present the context. My kids needed to set a quick Halloween poem to give to a friend. I had all of 3 minutes to produce this thing, so I scanned through my font menu, and after trying a few other defaults that didn't feel spooky enough, I settled on Papyrus. Who was going to know? Problem was, the client (Isaac and Naomi, ages 6 and 4) loved it.

As a parent, I let my children down. Hopefully this won't be the pivotal experience that leads them down a pathway of Hobo and Comic Sans for the rest of their days. As a member (note convenient omission of "founder" here) of Typophile, I've let all of you down and disappointed myself as well.

Is there redemption for a font sin? Will it be possible to regain my inner peace? Is there some sort of penance I could do, perhaps buy an H&FJ font family or something?

I humbly await your judgement.


i'm just glad i have Olduvai on hand for just such occasions!

I'm sure you'll find a way to make it up to them. Thank goodness we can always perform an act of contrition.

I feel your pain! I nearly cried when after spending weeks with constant changes on a newsletter, the client started insisting I set it all in Comic Sans *shudder* Luckily we talked them out of it :)