(x) minimal Graphics - North Bergen {Stephen}



does anyone know this minimal font? please halp :D


It’s a slightly blurred and f***ed up version of Futura. Very David Carson ;) I think I stumbled across similar stuff in the Garagefonts or T-26 catalogue. I’ll get back ta ya if I can get more into specifics.

That’s North Bergen, by Pablo Medina. You can get
the first version at Plazm and the updated cut
from his own Cubanica foundry.

Ah, Stephen’s back to his good form.


On the subject, I was recently asked how many fonts are “out there” in the world. I had heard at one time there were 30,000 so I guessed 40,000. I also surmised that no single person could possibly keep track of every one. But if anyone would, it would be the font czar, Scoles.

So does anyone know (roughly) how many fonts exist? *
How many new faces (roughly) are created each year?



I know of only one guy who’s attempted to count
them — and even he uses some mathematical
estimation equation with a “margin of error”.

and his estimation is….

Wow. Thanks so much for your all your help! Unfortunately, it is $75.. hopefully I’ll b able to afford it when I’m a reeeal professional and not merely a poor student. ho hum!

u lot r great. satisfaction indeed! :)

BJ, I’ve heard 100,000.
But it depends how you count, too.