Clevelander Bar custom lettering based on very old document

This was mistakenly posted to the Education forum.

The URL here displays a custom restaurant sign based
on an old municipal document, perhaps as much as 200
years old. I wouldn’t think there exists a font today
to match exactly, but is there any similar font that
I might use for the restaurant’s website?

I note the serifs on the lowercase l, v, a, and d,
and the top serif on the uppercase C.




Do you have an image of the lettering in the old document that this is supposed to be based on? In other words, I wonder how much it has been altered. To me it's not obvious that this is lettering of that vintage, since I would have expected a Caslon or other classic serif style to be in use in the post-Revolutionary era.

- Mike Yanega

Alas, I have no other materials. Alteration/stylization is a strong possibility -- there was a graphic designer involved -- which is why I thought I'd have to make do with something that only approximated the letters shown.

— t'other Mike

The terminals of the letters resemble hand-drawn lettering with a pen more than metal type, which would have flatter baseline serifs. Even though it is more modern, Morris Benton's 'Motto' has somewhat similar terminals, though the weight is heavier. Paul Lloyd has done a version which he calls 'Queen Empress'. It's about midway down the page. This font is a free download at TypOasis.

- Mike Yanega

Many thanks! Mike

You're welcome. This one has been bugging me, but I have not found an old font that is very similar. The strange flaring of the a and d reminded me of Alphabet by Gabor Kothay. Since it's a Sans adding the serifs to the terminals would be pretty easy and you might produce something sort of close to the sign lettering. I have the font and am tempted to try it, just to see if it's anywhere close.(Sometimes these ideas of mine go very far off the mark.)

- Mike Yanega

Never mind. I tried it, and first of all, my skills are pitiful when it comes to font modifications. Someone who knows what they are doing might have made something that looked presentable, but that wasn't what I got. You'd probably be better of starting with a serif font, and modifying the serifs to look more like these. Adding them to a sans font was too much for me.

- Mike Yanega