Suggestions for numbers/figures

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I thought this would probably be the most logical place to post this.

I'm looking for typefaces, preferably sans serifs, which have (in your opinion) nice/beautiful numbers. I need to typeset a project which will consist mainly of large (i.e. display sizes) pairs of numbers on the page, supported by minimal graphics. It's basically going to be a typographically based infographic.

So, sans serif, oldstyle, lining or both, all welcome.
I was thinking about numbers like Akzidenz Grotesk has, those have a pleasant quirky feel to them, without getting too playful. I could use those, but I always like to see some alternatives before I decide. Especially since the numbers are going to be playing the lead role.

Thanks in advance.

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On the slight chance that you don't know about them:

H&FJ's Numbers

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As you mentioned Akzidenz Grotesk, here are some more that have that pleasant quirky feel, at least to me, and preferably in bolder weights:




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I love that Kabel 2 with all my heart. I call that form the "Offenbach 2"…

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Thanks for the replies so far. Good suggestions.
If someone else has more suggestions, they're welcome, I don't have to decide for another couple of days. ;)

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i like the condensed version more, although the 3 ... is not perfect. But what is perfect ... ;-)

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Meta's numerals are quite nice...


Old style:

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Dan, so you certainly love to see Kuranyi play … ;°)

the “Offenbach 2”
Like in “Koch 2”? Or or are there more Offenbach designers with this preference? Just curious …
I’ve noticed Koch’s recurrent and striking theme with the lc ‘g’, but the ‘2’ escaped me – nice!

(Hope you don’t consider this off-topic, Jelmar? For compensation, I add this link to Sander Neijnens’ site on shirt number design – in case you didn’t already know that great resource.)

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No, I don't think it really is off-topic, and even if it is, I don't mind.
At least not if I get some suggestions in between the discussion. ;)

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I like fonts with character so here are a couple of my favorites ---

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For really nice quirky numerals, it's always a good idea to take a look at typefaces that were specifically designed with the numerals in mind, like Bell Gothic and Bell Centennial which were created for telephone books. Also Garage Gothic is worth a look, as it "was derived from numbered tickets given at city parking garages". Any typeface designed for use in really small sizes is bound to have nifty numerals as well, like Doric for example.

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As you can see, I personally feel that beautiful, restrained quirkiness in numerals is often found in vintage type designs, like Monotype Grotesque.

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Which isn't to say that contemporary design can't have them as well, like Suitcase Type's Katarine for example.

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> Any typeface designed for use in really small sizes is bound to have nifty numerals as well

That's quite a good idea, actually. Those characters are often quite 'rough' (like Freight Micro). I will look into that.
And MT Grotesque has the quirkiness I'm looking for as well.

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The Neutrafaces have lining and OSF, both in proportional. Check out that enormous 4!

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" I need to typeset a project..."
...for a circus clown reunion? a legal firm? a lumber yard? a dentist? a NASCAR track? a pasta company? a zoo? a miners convention? the international space station? tatoos? cell blocks? airport gates?

Any and all clues welcome. ;)


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Hehe, well it's not really FOR anything. It's going to be an infographic which displays the contents of a certain database (a dutch auction website). So it's not really limited to a certain style, because it's not specifically aimed at someone. It's also not for a client, but for myself and partly for school, so I can do anything I want when it comes to the design and the choice of the typeface.

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"Hehe, well it’s not really FOR anything."
hehe. Well then I recommend you use anything.;)


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That's why I started this thread. So people can suggest anything. ;)

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