(x) Script in a 1948 Lord Calvert Whiskey ad in Esquire - custom calligraphy {Marten F}

I've really been admiring this type in a 1948 Lord Calvert Whiskey ad in Esquire. Any idea if this is a font or simply custom calligraphy.

See the whole image here or click the sample below.


It's custom calligraphy giving the year that the ad was produced. I think it's really beautyful, in particular the M with it's details. I'll recomend you to have a look at the scripts from Sudtipos and Flat-It Type Foundry (Lily Wang, Pansy Bo and Daisy Lau)...

Marten is correct. See also Bickham Script.

Funny you should mention, Richard Lipton's Bickham Script Stephen, since I think that it looks more like Lipton's Sloop script, which I adore and use often. I was just hoping perhaps it was from an obscure foundry that perhaps I've missed. Thanks for the help.

I think Anglia Script (top three samples) includes alternates that are pretty close to most of these letters. Also Canada Type's revival of Youthline, called 'Sterling Script' seems close in almost all but the M.

- Mike Yanega