RayBan's "Genuine since 1937" & "NEVER HIDE" font ID


I'm looking for the font used on the phrase "Genuine since 1937"...

Well, if anyone knows this one too would be cool...

Any help would be appreciated...


Q™ says: It's all about the fonts!!



Nevermind about the second one, it's DIN Condensed Bold... I just try it and it fits...

Q™ Says: It's all about the Fonts!!

The second one isn’t DIN but Trade Gothic Bold Condensed.


You're right, actually, it didn't fit quite well, but DIN did the work 'cause I was in a hurry...

Any ideas about the other one?

Q™ Says: It's all about the Fonts!!

If "close enough" is OK, then use Eurostile/Microgramma for "genuine..."