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Reading assessment tests

Hi folks,

I need a source(s) to help me find 16 different reading assessment tests. The restrictions are:

1. They need to be in english
2. They need to be for people who speak english as a first language
3. It must be for people at the university level (though I have come across several references to "adult reading" as being grade 8)
4. They must be approximately 700 words in length each
5. The hard part, they need to come from the same source.

So far, SAT prep tests and the Nelson-Denny are the best sources I have come across.

Can anyone recommend others please?

Thank you

PS, I am new here. How do I go back and check old posts I have made in the past?

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0 - the Simple Measure Of Gobbledygook is an assessment of a piece of writing to estimate how many years of education are needed to understand it.