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"Don't Forget the Lyrics!" logotype?


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Hello all! I'm pulling my hair out because my client at one division of Fox won't just put me in touch with the design house that created the title treatment attached or seen here: http://fox.com/dontforget/ and I need to ID the font. I KNOW I probably have it but after going through my entire FontExplorer X library one by one (over 3000+) and using Identifont, I'm no closer to having a match.

It's not Droid http:// and it's not SF Eccentric Opus http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/8696 — but I am fairly certain this is a common-ish font, right? Must be.

Any ideas? I've got my fingers crossed that you smarties will come to my rescue again. As usual many, many thanks in advance! I'll owe you a Coke™!

p.s. Don't yell at me for knowing the cheap-o knock-off fonts right off the bat! I have many thousands of dollars worth of legit, licensed and paid-for fonts!! ; )


I don't think it's Neon Extra Condensed either. Is it?

p.p.s. my original p.s. meant to be preemptively playful, not snarky and guilt-ridden.

It's Gala family, Bold and Triline.

Btw, to get this ID, I just used Gimp to rotate the word "Don't" back to upright, and uploaded the image to WhatTheFont. It's a very good resource, and even better when you give it a little manual help.

Rockin'! Thank you ever so, Raph!!

I'll try and remember the WhatTheFont next time!

Have a good evening.