Black Lizard/Vintage Crime Covers Type

I was just looking at the designs of the raymond chandler and dashiell hammett books by black lizard and really like what they have done. Can someone let me know the fonts used in these designs?


The scripts are Monotype Script Bold and Coronet.

‘Raymond Chandler’ is Alternate Gothic Nº 1.

Thanks for the quick responses, now all i need is the Dashiell Hammett, Font and we got a complete post.

Thanks again,

The funny thing is that when I posted this I was originally looking for the Dashiell Hammett font. I was interested in the rough edges and the seemingly overinked quality of the A, and M. Does anyone else have any ideas about this one?

Reminds me of Garage Gothic but that's not quite it.

It seems like a thinner, more condensed version of Berthold Block BQ Extra Condensed, Do any small houses do anything like this? I can't find it through myfonts or fontshop.