"Romance" geometric Art Deco display sans

Its on a well known magazine logo I think,
thanks in advance!!


Nobody ever reacted to this one. This looks custom designed. Suggestions for similar stuff anyone?

Okay, just some thoughts:
The ‘M’ stands out, you can find that one in Interstate. By contrast, the almost-a-perfect-circle ‘O’ seems to be from a completely different source, rather like Futura. The geometric, cut-off ‘C’ looks even more technical, like Zatro, but quirkier.
The overall feeling, regardless of the particular letterforms, reminds me of Erbar (Condensed).

Cheers, F

thanks a lot guys, I did feel like i was close with one or two of the letters then would get thrown off my the others...
thanks anyway,

I thought of Erbar too, also Gotham Condensed.