(x) Carolina serif face - Imprint Shadow (filled) {Nathanael Bonnell}

The only unique letter here seems to be the A. Any ideas?


It's probably a Caslon of some kind.

Looks like Goudy Modern.

I looked through all the caslon's at myfonts and none matched. The A serif is more pronounced than any caslon's I saw.

Do you have any other letters? The Serif Font ID Guide can be helpful as a tool, but Key U.C. letters it uses are E, J, K, M, R, U and W, and your sample has only the R.(And it's a somewhat ambiguous R style, unfortunately.)

- Mike Yanega

The closest I could find was Imprint, and the R leg seems slightly off, and the stress is less slanted. It would help to narrow the search with some more Key letters.

- Mike Yanega

I'm thinking it's Imprint Shadow, but filled in manually. Adding to my confidence in that is the fact that Imprint Shadow came with my Windows but Imprint itself didn't, so whoever designed this is more likely to have had Imprint Shadow.

Imprint is the winner. Amazing how without the inline shapes it stumped me. I knew I had seen that A somewhere