(x) HOT NEWS Technology - Trade Gothic Cd/Alternate Gothic {Joe, Stephen}

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Hi all. Does anyone know the name of this typeface? It looks wonderful in all caps. That's special, cause not all typefaces do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Weylon.

Also take a gander at the Alternate Gothics...



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Ooh, I didn't notice before, but it seems to be the same display face used on this website.

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Wow, thanks for the swift answer! Thanks for your help, Joe. This sight is like pure gold. I'll be checking in regularly.

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The display face on this site is Knockout from the Hoefler Type Fountry. http://www.typography.com

There are several condensed weights of Knockout available that may look similar, but the specimen above is not Knockout... (note the lower case g.)

My guess is Trade Gothic condensed or perhaps News Gothic condensed.


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