(x) Russian Constructivism font - various {gang}

I’m looking for a Russian Constructivism type Font. Something “blocky” any suggestions.

email me rikeswon@aol.com


You could try East Bloc by Image Club Graphics.

And then there’s the heirs to Russian Constructivism with contemporary interpretations. Mark van Wageningen’s Gagarin family at 2Rebels and Pierre di Sciullo’s FF Minimum from the FontFont Collection are interesting takes on the subject. And the very constructivist FF Marten by Marten Wenzel, also a FontFont, has a cyrillic variant.

Kraft und Stil by andreas lindkvist.

mr. coles, i am truly amazed. on a slightly different note, what about books on the subject? i’ve seen plenty that have a small section on constructivism, but none dedicated solely to it.

Just stumbled into Aleksei over at T-26.

Could somebody please make a Russian constructivist font and call it Slutskaya?


And there’s some vintage stuff in the Architype Collection over at Quay’s and Sack’s The Foundry.

Or Stenberg, which has a lovely inline variant.

Or P22’s Constructivist.

Or Paratype’s Rodchenko

Or Gabor Kothay’s Axis from T-26.

01:10 — 01:04 = 6 minutes
Stephen, you’re tripping over your own type-ID prowess.


Wow. Rodchenko is pretty sweet. I do like the
rawness of P22s Constructivist but to date I
haven’t seen anything as raw as Rodchenko’s
actual work.

Rodchenko’s character widths are all over the
place and lend a handmade feel to his otherwise
geometric work. I’ll post a sample sometime of
what I mean.

House just released a Cyrillic set of Chalet, which is
beautiful. Somehow the 60s flavor of Chalet fits perfectly
with the Cyrillic alphabet. Worth a look.