DC Corcoran Graphic Design Student Show, 11/16

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DC Corcoran Graphic Design Student Show, 11/16


I've been a longtime reader here, and being a student, rather an infrequent poster, but I thought some of you folks might be interested:

Please mark your calendars,

Corcoran's Georgetown campus, home to the graphic design department, is proud to present their inaugural annual show, Open 2007, this Friday, 11/16/07, from 6:00 'til 9:00 pm.

Come by, grab a glass of wine, and get a taste of what the design students are producing.

Corcoran Georgetown Campus
1801 35th Ave NW
Washington DC
(Just off of Wisconsin Ave NW, next to the Fillmore Arts Center)

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I’ll be there (and showing some work). It should be a great event—the students and faculty who put this show together have been busting their butts to make it a success.