Dharma Initiative

so what type have they used for this? pity there's no close-up of the text DHARMA



How painful. It will be harder to tell without a clear R too. Sheesh! My guess is news gothic but you should wait to hear from a real type spotter.

The M looks like it doesn't quite hit the baseline though. Maybe Gotham?

ha.. those labels crack me up. it's a little hard to conceal the identity of that peanut butter when you can still read "skippy" on the cover!

It looks like Interstate Bold Condensed to me.

Note: Lost actually uses Univers for its Dharma props.

- Lex

what is Dharma props. ?

yeah.. I first thought Interstate too... I will see if I can dig up an image with an M

however this is not from the film... some guy made it. He uses Interstate

I meant the props on the television show are labelled using Univers, not Interstate.

- Lex

I say we've got a match.

- Lex

here is from the film!
hrm.. I guess I have to say thank you ABC so they will not get angry.

>here is from the film!
This is Univers 67 Bold Condensed i think.

Univers 67 seems to be it...
now all I need to do is find a better image of the text DHARMA in the Dharama Initiative logo.

I will be back soon

Looks very hand-drawn to me.

- Lex

P.S. Told you it was Univers :^)

you are probably right Lex... hand-drawn... but somehow it looks familiar though

Yes!! you told me that the props on the television show are labelled using Univers..
you never told me what a prop. means!

: )
what is a prop.?

Prop is short for property. It means any object that's carried, used, eaten, etc. by an actor.


- Lex

yes... I am convinced DHARMA is hand-drawn..
Look at the R
The right foot as to be twisted so it will be visible and the letter D looks like an L that they have made into a D

but Lex.. or someone else..
if you would try and pick a font that looks similar... which one would you go for?

and thanx for the new (to me) word — props.

Check this previous thread for type used in the Lost television series.

Basically the selection is all over the place and anything but consistent. But that makes it believable (apart from the anachronisms like Arial of course).

Thanx Bald Cond.
it loox like they have used a different font for each hatch... (you would know what I mean if you have followed LOST)
the DHARMA in the previous thread is another. it looks more like woodblock-kind-of-type... or if you cut it in linoleum

thanx for pointing me to that thread... I was wondering what the hieroglyphs said. Yesterday I looked in my mums old book of hieroglyphs trying to see if I could get an answer... but instead I got it here at this terrific forum.

so Bald Cond.

what do you think of
for my DHARMA...
but perhaps a little bolder/balder?
How about that?