(x)Tatler magazine nameplate - custom {Jan E}

I've been asked by a client to make a pastiche of a Tatler magazine cover, but I don't know what typeface the masthead is set in does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance.


Probably custom. Shouldn’t be too hard to redraw.

No, fair point, but I need to change the title to something else, and I'm not sure how to do an S and a C in the same style. Just thought it would save some time if I could find the face or at least a similar one.

You could maybe use Font Bureau's Skyline (or maybe GroupType's half-price-version Corvinus Skyline) that share some similarities with the one in your sample...

Check out FF Kath Condensed or FB Niagara.

...or maybe Red Rooster's Pall Mall?

Niagara and skyline seem to be the closest, but they don't really help me too much with the S as their bezier construction is completely different (take a look at the R in TATLER) Thanks anyway guys.

BTW love your avatar Martin. What's the name for the type of graphic that reads the same upside-down?

That's an Ambigram...

thankyou =D